Body Duo 100ml

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Hydrate your skin and regenerate youth with our SOAK Power Body Duo 100ml

Our Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash is formulated with Parsley Stem, a remarkable superfood that’s rich in nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C and manganese. Applied topically, parsley can help regulate oil production, cleanse pores, protect from everyday pollutants, and restore equilibrium to the skin.

Infused with Chia Seeds, our Skin Booster Body Lotion helps relieve dehydration and encourage moisture balance. With high levels of vitamin B3, chia seed oil increases skin hydration, reduces redness and blemishes, and increases skin barrier function.

It’s all about beauty from the outside in. Get SOAKed with our duo pack today.

Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash – 100ml
Skin Booster Body Lotion – 100ml


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