Hair Duo 100ml

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Encourage hydrated hair and serious shine with our SOAK Power Hair Duo 100ml

Our Hair Shine Shampoo is developed with Purple Kale, a celebrated superfood with one of the highest concentrations of nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin K and manganese. These super nutrients protect against dryness, gently cleansing to reveal natural shine and leave hair looking luminous.

Enriched with Maca Root, our Hair Revive Conditioner infuses hair with moisture, maintaining shine and restoring lustre. Maca root’s super nutrients – vitamin B, calcium and zinc – are known to stimulate hair growth, strengthen and revive dull and lifeless locks.

SOAK it all in and get hydrated today.

Hair Shine Shampoo – 100ml
Hair Revive Conditioner – 100ml


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Dimensions 24 x 17 x 10 cm