Power Pack


Power up your hair and body with our mega-booster SOAK Power Pack. The ultimate detox hit, it contains 500mL versions of our Hair Shine Shampoo, Hair Revive Conditioner, Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash and Skin Booster Body Lotion, plus a 100g Skin Detox Body Bar. These products are infused with a range of unique superfoods – from purple kale to maca root, chia seeds and parsley stem. Come SOAK with them today!

Hair Shine Shampoo – 500ml
Hair Revive Conditioner – 500ml
Skin Detox Hand & Body Wash – 500ml
Skin Booster Body Lotion – 500ml
Skin Detox Body Bar – 100g


Additional information

Weight 2.75 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 11 cm